My name is Bryce Johnson, and we should probably start from the beginning. I was a senior in high school when my art teacher, Gayle Roberson, asked me what I was my plans for college were. With no real direction planned, I told her I wanted to be a math teacher. Since I was good and math that was always the first answer the came to my head. That night, she called my mom and told her that was the biggest mistake I would ever make. She said I had the talent but I was lazy, and if I dedicated real time to my work, I could be someday an award winning artist. So with that push I decided that art was going to be my career path. 
It definitely hasn’t been a perfect journey, but I’m happy to say that Mrs. Roberson turned out to be right. I was awarded a sophomore portfolio scholarship from Clampitt Paper, and my junior year an art direction scholarship from the Launch Advertising Agency in Dallas. I was eventually offered an internship from Launch where I worked as full time art director and copywriter. Through this, I worked with clients such as; Baylor Scott and White Health, the Dallas Cowboys, and Park Place Automotive. Currently, I serve as the Vice President for the University of North Texas student AIGA board. 
I appreciate the journey through the ups and downs. Mostly, I’ve really appreciated all the great people I’ve gotten to work with over the years. The best part of all of this has been feeding off the energy of my peers, and building great relationships over the years.
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