This is website design my part of a group project for my Cause Based Design class. I would not have been able to do this without the help from my amazing teammates, Britney Rodelas and Clarissa Respondek. The logo, image treatments and posters were designed by Britney. While Clarissa designed brochures and handled most of the copywriting.
First, an aptitude test that would gauge their general interests and provide possible creative career opportunities.
From the test they will be presented with fun games that explore skills in their preferred field. To bring users back, challenges will rotate weekly and there will be achievements for instant gratification.
Also a page to explore possible creative careers. More informational page for statistics and representation. Careers are broken into subcategories for easier navigation.
Lastly, a section for users to post art they’ve made in the challenges or in their own free time. The goal for this page would be to build a sense of community and let these users interact with other in the same
Website walk through 
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